Sanya Botanicals – guest blog’er Jason Scott


As one drives into greater Sanya – along smooth three lane high ways, with Hollywood Bolevard Palm Tree Avenues and a riot of garish pink and purple boganvilia drawing small crowds of tourists gaily “shooting” streams of never to be seen digital images – you know you’re back in the tropics and it’s great! ….


Thankfully Sanya’s town planners know it, so whereever there is an option for a tree lined bolevard there is one – flame trees, jacaranda and palms provide the height, structure and shade to the cornucopia of luscious tropical favorites (canna’s, anthurium’s, ginger’s and Chinese evergreens).

Columbian Orange



The Anantara Hotel garden’s complements with pregnant durian trees bulging their spiky off spring, subtly hidden lilly ponds with baritone frogs croaking through the undergrowth and the reliable banana and hibiscus plants confirming the gardens tropical credentials.


Durian Fruit
Ornamental Banana

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